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We at Canine & Co are excited to be working with Safe-to-shake - innovative design & dog clothing & accessories.
Press Release - Outdoor Dog Clothing Launch - Spring 2017
This is the Canie & Co process for made-to-measure Kilts and Couture dresses
About Canine & Co
Dog clothes offer our canine friends warmth and comfort, protection from the external elements and injury, and facilitate recovery from illness amongst other benefits.
We at Canine & Co are passionate about dog clothes and dog welfare. Quality, exclusivity and functionality combined with style and fashion is represented by our unique range of dog clothes. We offer these products at both our online store and at our retail outlet in Betws-y-Coed, Snowdonia, Wales.
Here is a list of the most loved ones.
  1. > Dog Jumpers – small dog jumpers, big dog jumpers, hand-made jumpers
  2. > Dog Fancy Dress – halloween dog clothes, christmas dog clothes, Santa Costumes
  3. > Outdoor Dog Clothes – dog coats, dog jackets, dog shoes, dog leads, dog harnesses, dog collars, dog throw toys
  4. > Dog Party Clothes – dog kilts, dog tuxedos, dog dresses,
In 2017 we started to move away from imports, with the introduction of UK handmade dog kilts. Dog welfare is paramount – we will not supply any clothing which compromises with a dog’s ability to breath, move or perform toilet duties. We endeavour to supply dog clothes for all dog sizes and shapes - from small dog clothes to large dog clothes.