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Winston the Bulldog looking incredibly handsome in his new Canine & Co Dog Tuxedo. Winston was an Usher and loved his suit.

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This Australian Labradoodle is called Axel and he is looking very dapper in his Canine & Co Dog Tuxedo.

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Canine & Co - Business of the Year 2016
Canine & Co - Business of the Year 2016

Canine & Co awarded Conwy Borough Council's digital Business of the Year at the Conwy County Business Awards 2016

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Dogs and Weddings
Dogs and Weddings

Why not have your favourite furry friend help walk you down the aisle or be by your side as you say 'I do'. Well here are some top tips on how to make your dog part of your Wedding day and how to make sure they look the part with the best dog clothes and accessories around!

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Canine & Co is an award winning and friendly designer pet boutique.   We are a luxury dog clothing brand standing for quality and style for the fashion conscious, well trained, humans who love to spoil their pets.  We specialise in dog jumpers and costumes for the larger dog breeds as well as small dogs.

Dog in Clothes

Dog Clothes

Putting the Fun back into Functionality with our wide range of dog fashion that no discerning pup should be without.   Our irresistible collection of clothes for pets ranges from dog coats, jumpers, hoodies and t-shirts. New for 2014 is our exciting range of dog jumpers and sweaters.  This includes our new large Dog jumpers and Giant Breed Dog Jumpers - so bigger dogs needn't be left out in the cold again, perfect for that gift for Dog Lovers at Christmas.  At Canine & Co we cater for all breeds from small dog clothes such as Chihuahua clothes, Pug clothes, Bichon Frise clothes, Shih Tzu outfits, Jack Russell coats to Large Dog Clothes such as Coats, Jumpers, Seasonal Big Dog Clothes ie Dog Halloween Clothes either a Pupmkin or Devil Dog Costume for big dogs and Dog Christmas Outfits suitable for our larger furry friends including a a Boxer, Dalmation or Doberman! We have the pawfect dog outfit for your pampered pooch.

Canine & Co prides itself on introducing new and exciting clothes and accessories for our pets and are always on the lookout for the latest dog clothing trends, so please keep checking our online pet boutique for all the latest dog fashions.  Why not browse through our dog clothes collection today and choose that special item of attire to keep your pet warm and comfortable on wet or colder days.

Puppy Clothes

Getting a new puppy can be an exciting time for all the family, however with a new puppy comes responsibility.  Their first night without their mother will be the hardest for them, so along with lots of extra cuddles, it is important to provide your pup with a warm and comfortable environment.  A soft dog bed to help them feel secure is essential such as our Prince Crown Dog Beds or Princess Crown Beds for your perfect prince and princess.  When taking your pet outside for the first time, they can feel the cold, especially as their fur will not be as thick as an adult dog's coat.  Therefore, buying puppy clothes such as a warm coat or jumper is one way you can help them adjust to their new environment away from the warmth of their mum.

Puppy in Clothes


Patriotic Dog Clothes & Accessories

It's a big congratulations to Wills and Kate on the birth of their baby boy - 8lb 6oz - wonderful news.  To celebrate the birth of a new royal baby, we have launched our own range of patriotic dog clothes and accessories so your pet can join in the fun.  For example we have a gorgeous royal blue dog hoodie that simply shimmers in the light with its sequin union jack design.  We also have a Union Jack pet t-shirt.  The Union Jack Flag is in the shape of a heart and is made up of stunning rhinestones.  If that wasn't enough, we have Princess dog clothes and cat clothes such as the pink princess pet t-shirt suitable for a dog or a cat. 

 We are also celebrating the birth of the new Royal Baby with a special offer on our Crown Pet Beds - we have Pink Princess Crown Pet Beds and Blue Prince Pet Beds.  Features include a removable cushion embroidered with the word Prince and Princess, these pet beds are sure to be a hit with your little furry friend.  They are, after all, fit for a Prince or a Princess.

Finally - why not celebrate with your own crown jewels diamante dog / puppy collars or cat collars in blue for a little Prince or pink for a little Princess.

Bulldog Puppy wearing Union Jack Dog Hoodie

Dog Coats

Dogs need coats for a variety of reasons such as health reasons, hairless breeds or short haired breeds, a dog's age, how active a dog is (or not active). Certain breeds such as Chihuahua's do not like the cold and many dogs are used to central heating these days, as soon as they go outside they can feel the cold.  Older dogs who are less active are more prone to feeling cold as well as pooches who have health conditions such as Alopecia.  Vets advise that dogs with arthiritis will greatly benefit from wearing a warm coat during cold spells.

There are many benefits to wearning coats as we can see, and as we know, each of our four legged friends has different needs, therefore we have stocked our pet store with a wide range of dog coats and jackets to suit everyone based on purpose, design, colour and style.  Check out Canine & Co's new range of Large Dog Coats and Small Dog Clothes.

Dog Collars

If you are looking for dog collars, then take a sneeky peak at our extensive range of leather collars, diamante dog collars and designer dog collars.  You can change your dog's collar to suit different occasions such as our luxury diamante dog collars for that special occasion when you're out to impress (and impress you will with these bling collars) such as a Wedding or other celebration where you want your pet to be involved. We also have eco-friendly dog collars and 'no stink' collars that have a lifetime guarantee - what more could you want.

Dog Harnesses

Why not walk your pet in style with our range of dog harnesses.  We have a wide variety of soft dog harnesses, traditional harnesses, step in harness and strong dog harnesses for active dogs who may have a tendency to pull on a walk.  We stock a number of designer dog harnesses from Puppia Harnesses Hamish McBeth, Ezydog to Puchi Pet Wear.  We cater for tiny dog breeds like Yorkies and Maltese breeds up to large dog breeds such as Labradors and Collies with our groovy selection of harnesses.  New in is our collection of dog harness coats with matching leads and dog dresses with matching lead as well as our super cute Sailor Dog Harness.

Dog wearing Animal Print Dog Harness

Dog Leads

We all need a good dog lead and we have only the best for you, from Puppia dog leads to Ezydog training  leads.  We have leads for strong active dogs which help protect your elbow and shoulder should your pet suddenly get distracted and pull hard. Or maybe you like to walk your pup in style?  If this is you, then you will love our popular range of retractable dog leashes including our crystal encrusted leads! Our most popular selling dog lead are these crystal dog leads - full of bling to outshine everyone else!

Retractable Dog Leads 

Dog Backpack

Do you have a hyperactive dog?  Then you should consider a dog back pack harness.  These are recommended by dog behaviour specialists as wearing a backpack can give your dog a sense of purpose whilst helping him to release a lot of pent up energy.  You can read more about dog backpacks in our Dog Blog article.

Dog wearing Backpack

Dog Beds

Choosing the right dog bed is so important to ensure your pup has the most comfortable nights sleep possible.  At Canine & Co, we pride ourselves on sourcing a range of irresistible and unique beds such as, original beds for small dogs, eco-friendly beds, pink princess dog beds, leopard print yurts, igloo pet beds, luxury beds, paw shaped dog beds and extra large dog beds and much more.  A perfect gift idea for your dog's birthday.

Dog Accessories

It's not just dog clothes that you will need for your pet, they will need a whole host of accessories such as dry dog towels - towels that slip over your dogs head to help dry them & keep them warm after a walk in the rain or a swim in the river.  We also have designer dog bowls for pups who are too posh to eat from the floor. Other accessories include dog shoes, bow ties, bandana's, dog eyewear, hats, charms and hair clips plus some doggie pyjama's! Just take a look at our designer heart shaped dog bowl!

Dog Socks

New in is our range of non-slip dog socks.  Slip your pup's paws into one of our stylish and comfy socks.  Each set comes with four socks - one for each paw of course!  Features include a paw shaped anti-slip silica pad to enhance grip on shiny surfaces.  Socks for our pets serve many purposes such as protecting sore pads, protecting your pet's paw if injured, helping with allergies, to prevent slipping and injury on slippery floors, to reduce the risk of frostbite during cold weather conditions and also to protect your carpet from mucky paws!

They come in a range of stylish designs and patterns including our range of Christmas Dog Socks! Why not team them up with a knitted Dog Jumper to complete the look. New in are Dog Bow Tie Dog Socks and Animal Print Dog Socks! They will make a perfect gift for dog lovers or a great stocking filler idea!

Outdoor Dog Gear

Keeping your dog safe when out and about is so important and we have a superb selection of items such as dog life jackets if going on boating holidays or by the sea, then there are our dog seat belts and dog carriers. Life jackets for our pets are the ideal accessory when taking your pet near water, this could be on a boating holiday.  For example you would want to keep your pet safe in case of an accident such as falling overboard.  You can use these life jackets even if having a picnic by water or taking your pet near an open swimming pool, especially if your pet is nervous near water or not a confident swimmer. 

Other uses for safety jackets include hydrotherapy sessions. Puppy Angel do a great selection of stylish, practical and quality life jackets for smaller dogs.

Dog Wearing a BackPack

Dog Jumpers

We have a wide selection of knitted jumpers for small, medium and large dogs, available in a variety of styles and colours, such as our best seller the red Snowflake dog jumper and Retro Nordic Reindeer pet sweater.  I am sure you will find something suitable to keep your pet warm and snug in the colder weather - whilst also looking stylish!

In addition we have some wonderful hoodies and t-shirts, for example a bright red warm dog hoodie with an adorable Reindeer head motif - simply stunning.  For all those good pooches we have some statement t-shirts with the following writing:- "Dear Santa, I have been a very good dog this year.....". 

Back by popular demand, Canine & Co have re-introduced our Red Snowflake Christmas knitted dog jumpers for our larger furry friends. After all larger dogs feel the cold too so they shouldn't be left out!  Treat your Labradoodle, Doberman, Labrador, Boxer or other big dog to one of our festive large dog jumpers and take them to their puppy class, dog school etc and show them off in style!  They'll be the envy of all other pooches!  Why not team a jumper up with dog socks. For a classy look - why not try our gorgeous dog scarf.  These scarves match the large dog jumpers we have. New in are some fabulous Christmas Dog Jumpers with a fun red nosed reindeer design!

Dog Christmas Outfits

Ho Ho Ho!  T'is the season to be jolly and a time where we show our loved ones how much they mean to us. Pets are a big part of our family, they are man's best friend, loyal, loving and the perfect ancedote when we are feeling down.  So show your pets just how much they mean to you with their very own dog gifts at Christmastime such as our Festive dog Christmas outfits. Let your pet be Santa Paws for the season and make this a Merry Christmas for all the family.

Dog Santa Costume

Christmas wouldn't be the same without Santa Paws and our luxury Dog Santa Costume is perfect for this, we have three styles available ranging from Santa Claus coats for tiny, toy and teacup breeds up to Large dog Santa Suit - suitable for a Doberman, Labrador, Dalmatian, Pointer & Boxer amongst others.  Our small dog Santa  outfit is longer in length to fit Dashchunds and Shih Tzu's who are longer inthe body.  are soft, velvety and fleece material lined making them a warm and snug.  Both our small and large dog Santa costumes are velvety soft with a quilted satin lining for that extra luxurious feel.  Features include a hood and white faux fur bobble.  The coat is trimmed with white faux fur around the hood, cuffs and coat for a typically Father Christmas traditional look.  They are selling fast, so grab yours now to avoid disappointment. Letting your pup join in the fun with their own item of festive Christmas clothing will ensure they receive well deserved extra loving attention and cuddles.

We have listened to our customers and as a result we have exclusively produced Large Dog Santa Costumes to fit a Doberman and similar big dog breeds.  These are the largest Dog Santa Outfits on the market - going up to a whopping chest size of 44".   After all every breed should be allowed to join in the fun and dress up at Christmas!

Visit our Christmas Dog Outfits section for more information. We have some new fancy dress costumes for dogs this year with our new Dog Reindeer Costume and Dog Elf Costume.  Don't forget our new Christmas Dog Jumpers for tiny breeds up to extra large dogs.  Afterall, it's not just humans who like to sport an embarrassing, but extremely fun Christmas Jumper, our pets are increasingly getting in on the act with their own version, be it a snowman Christmas Jumper, a retro nordic dog sweater or perhaps our traditional snowflake Christmas dog jumpers.  Whcihever you choose your four legged friend is sure to look gorgeous whilst keeping wam in this colder season.  As with our Santa dog outfits - we have listened to our customers and are exclusively providing dog sweaters for our larger furry friends.  These festive red jumpers feature a snowflake design with fairisle effect - giving a traditional ski resort, Scandivnavian feel.  These Large Dog Christmas Jumpers start from XXL and go up to a Superdog 3 size with a whopping 40" chest size.  We also have very similar designed jumpers for our small furry friends - in fact there is a wide range of dog jumpers / sweaters and Christmas dog jumpers for our little pets.    Why not team up a new dog jumper with a set of our new Christmas pet socks.

Coming soon we will have Dog 'Elf' Fancy Dress, Reindeer Coats for Dogs and we have our usual array of Christmas Dog Outfits including our popular Santa Paws Dog Coats for small to very very very large dogs!  Even a Newfoundland and a Great Dane can join in the party.  

Santa Dog Outfit

Wedding Day Outfits for Dogs

New for 2014 we have some special doggie attire for all those parties, celebrations and not forgetting 'The Big Day' that your pet is invited to.  This can be as simple as a dog bow tie, a collar and bow tie or even a dog tuxedo.  Our Tuxedo's for dogs are pure quality, this isn't some cheap imitation, our tuxedo jacket is fully lined and comes with an attached white shirt and bow tie. This dog tuxedo will ensure that your pup looks every inch as special as any other guest.  Coming soon are Dog Tuxedo's for Big Dogs.  Take a look at our dog wedding outfits today. New in are our Large Dog Tuxedo's - perfect for our bigger dogs who also want to join in the occasion by looking smart in formal dog attire.  And it's not just the boys who can get all dressed up as we have the most beautiful little dog dress with matching lead perfect for the pampered pooch who wants to look every inch a top model dog!


Dog Wedding Dress


Dog Tuxedo

Dog Halloween Costumes

New for 2015 are our Dog Lion Costumes - perfect for shocking the postie, neighbour or friends!  They come in a choice of two colours either red brown or light brown.  We have an even bigger selection of Dog Fancy Dress Outfits as requested by you, our lovely customers.  Our best friend's shouldn't be left out of party celebrations, so we have stocked up with some new dog outfits for all occasions.

Our selection of  Dog Halloween Costumes come in the shape of a Dog Pumpkin Costume and a Dog Devil Costume - new for 2015 the Dog Devil Costume will be made to fit even our largest furry friends.  Not only are they warm and comfortable, they're easy to fit and they look amazing - your pooch will be top of the dog walk in these fancy dress outfits. So take a browse through our Fancy Dress for Dogs and treat your pup today!

Even better, we are proud to announce the launch of our exclusive Halloween Costumes for Large Dogs.  These large dog halloween Clothes cannot be purchased anywhere else and Canine & Co are unique at providing this gorgeous product for our large dog breeds. Trick for a Treat ....


Fancy Dress for Dogs


Cat Clothing

After much demand, we are soon to be launching our new range of Cat Clothing.  All of our dog fancy dress costumes will also double up as cat costumes. We have begun stocking our store with a purrfect range of cat accessories such as cat beds, posh cat bowls and also fancy dress for cats. A new addition to our cat clothing range is our Cat Fancy Dress Costumes such as Christmas Cat Outfits, pet socks and also our new Cat Jumpers - perfect for the winter in the colder weather.

We hope you enjoy our online pet boutique which we've filled with original designs and brands for the best dog clothes at the best prices which we offer to you topped with great customer experience. (Why not try us and you will see for yourself why so many of our customers return to our store and praise our service). has all the dog clothes that your beautiful four legged friend needs to be the best dressed pup in town. Whether your little girl puppy wants a dress, raincoat or hoodie, or your little boy dog needs a coat, formal wear or bedtime wear, have the perfect dog clothes for your pups' wardrobe. All dog clothes at have been selected from top designers in the dog fashion world. Dog clothes at are styled so that they are easy to put on and take off, and stay on your pup during their activities. For more information please contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Canine & Co - a luxury online cat clothing and dog clothing pet boutique.


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