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Brown Leather Dog Collar

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Brown dog collars made with genuine leather.  These collars are stitched around the edge which ensures the collar lasts longer.  The collars are decorated with 3 silver bones.

Available in 5 different colours (black, blue, brown, pink and red).  

There are 4 sizes available:-

Small -  8" - 10.5" Neck Size 

(1.5cm width and 20-27cm neck with overall collar length 35cm).  

Medium -  11" - 15" Neck Size

(2cm width and 28-38cm neck with overall collar length 46cm)

Large - 13" - 17" Neck Size

(2.5cm width and overall collar length is 20.5" / 52cm)

Extra Large - 16" - 20.5" Neck Size

(2.5cm width and 24.5" / 62cm overall collar length)

Brown Leather;

Decorated with 3 bones;

More colours available.