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Dog Bow Tie Socks

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These adorable Bow Tie Dog Socks are the perfect gift for your pup.  The design of these socks features formal black tie attire.

These are only suitable for SMALL DOGS or CATS.   

Our boxed sock sets come with 4 socks - one for each paw.  See 'features' tab below for more information.

Dog Socks serve many purposes such as protecting sore or injured pads to a pup's paw; to help with allergies; to prevent slipping and injury on slippy floors; to reduce the risk of frostbite during cold weather conditions, protection from other extreme weather or simply to protect your carpet from mucky paws.

Why not team up with a Dog Jumper to complete the look.

Suitable for tiny and small breeds only. 

Medium - Height 7.5cm and Width 2.5cm

Large - Height 9cm and Width 3.5cm

XL - Height 10.5cm and Width 4cm

For more information on sizes go to our main Dog Sizing Guide - located on the home page on the left hand side.

Warm Paws - Warm Hearts!

Please note these items are non-returnable.

Small Dogs Only:- 

Large - Length 9cm and Width 3.5cm

XL - Length 10.5cm and Width 4cm

Dog Socks:

Black Tie Design,

Comes in a Box;

4 Socks (one for each paw);

Paw shaped anti-slip silica pad (made from eco friendly pvc) to enhance grip on smooth or shiny surfaces.

Reinforced with elastic to provide a perfect fit without slipping off.