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Dog Pumpkin Costume

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Dog Pumpkin Costume

This stunning Dog Pumpkin Costume is for all sized pets from Tiny to Large dog breeds. 

Fancy dress costumes for dogs are a growing trend, so let your pet join in the party or Halloween festivities with their very own Pet Halloween Costume. Whether you are going to a dog training class party, your own party or even trick or treating, then this outfit is sure to let your dog stand out in the crowd. 

Comfortable and easy to wear - this dog pumpkin costume with hood, fastens with velcro around their front and underneath their chest area. Simple! 

Soft to the touch, it is lined with a soft snuggly fleece material for extra comfort and warmth when it is colder. 

Please note we cannot accept returns for these seasonal items after 26th October 2016. 

Sizes Small to 2XL are for smaller sized dogs.

Sizes 3XL - 4XL are for medium to large sized dogs.

Sizes 5XL and 6XL are for larger sized dogs.

Coat Measurements:-

Small - Chest 13" Fits 13-16" and Length - 8.25"

Medium - Chest 14"  Fits 14-15" and Length 12"

Large - Chest 16" Fits 16-17" and Length 14"

XL - Chest 18"  Fits 18-19" and Length 15"

2XL - Chest 20" Fits 19-20" and Length 17"

3XL - Chest 22" Fits 21-23" and Length 20"

4XL - Chest 25" Fits 24-28" and Length 23"

5XL - Chest 30" Fits 30-32" and Length 26"

6XL - Chest 32" Fits 32-34" and Length 29"

If in doubt - please contact us at and we'll be happy to help.

Breed Guide (please note sizes vary even amongst breeds.  This guide is based on customer's pets and sizes that fit their dogs)

Small - Teacup Chihuahua, Chihuahua

Medium - Chihuahua, Havanese puppy, Jack Russell puppy, Chihuahua cross Yorkie

Large - Jack Russell, Chihuahua, Havanese

XL - Havanese, Beagle Puppy, Jack Russell, Yorkie

2XL - King Charles Cavalier, Cocker Spaniel, Shih Tzu, Cairn Terrier, Pug

3XL - Shih Tzu, Cocker Spaniel, Border Terrier, Cairn Terrier,

4XL - Cocker Spaniel, Cockerpoo, Springer, Small Lab, Lab Puppy, Collie Cross

5XL - Labrador, Labradoodle,

6XL - Golden Retriever, Chunky Lab, Weimaraner


Costume with attached hood;

Fastens with Velcro;

Pumpkin design;

Fully lined with a warm fleecey material.