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Putting Customers First

Conwy Council Business Awards 2016 were delighted to award the accolade of Digital Business of the Year to Canine & Co.  "Their ability to put customers first, be easy to do business with and provide a warm and friendly service as well as going that extra mile, put Canine & Co in a class of their own". Digital Matters Online

Founded by Donna Condliffe in 2011, Canine & Co has gone from strength to strength, scooping awards such as New Business of the Year and E-Commerce Business of the Year along the way.  Donna has always ensured that her business differentiator was that of the customer experience.  "Often it is the little things that make the difference and as long as your customer is your main concern, then you won't go wrong" says Donna.  "If something does go wrong, then it is how you handle it that matters.  It is irrelevant whose fault it is, you must remain professional and make sure you put it right for your customer regardless of the cost and time to yourself". 

Donna is somewhat an expert when it comes to looking after customers, winning awards in a National Bank for her centre of excellent and in showcasing 'how to deliver a world class customer service".  Donna is also a qualified life and business coach and has delivered many presentations to small and large companies on how to win more customers by 'doing the right thing'.  "There is nothing worse than a company 'losing it' and telling a customer what they think - a customer is always right - regardless.  Often it is down to mis-communication, but if business is not focussed on taking the right approach, they will lose more than just that one customer and you all know how one bad experience can result in the message going far afield.  In the long run a business, not focussed on understanding customers and one who gets angry with a customer without taking the time to understand why - will have lost the battle".

You can read more about the interivew with Donna on Digital Matters Online.
Published in: In the Spotlight  |  04 Aug 2016