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Introducing Safe to Shake photo

Introducing Safe to Shake

We at Canine & Co are excited to be working with Safe-to-shake.

Debbie Bliss, the entrepreneur  behind the ‘Safe to Shake’ brand shares our ethos that dog clothing should under no circumstance interfere with a dog’s well-being.  

We are agreed that this means dog clothing should fit properly or not at all. A dog has a right to:

  • ·         Freedom of movement
  • ·         Freedom of toilet
  • ·         Freedom to unrestricted breathing

With this design requirement as a start point, we love the innovative features of the Safe-to-Shakes designs and the fact that they are designed in Britain.

Debbie is a talented, high energy, resourceful and resilient individual who has overcome health challenges to build and develop the brand.

In Debbie’s own words..

“Designing for Safe to Shake dog coats & Accessories began almost 3 years ago after a trip around Europe in my motorhome with Bob the dog. Bob is the most amazing Spanish Water Dog but he takes the name of his breed quite seriously - wherever there is water Bob will find it.” 

“On many occasions Bob was soaking wet with it raining outside & nowhere to go but inside the motorhome. Being a huge part of the family this was not the problem - being wet, dirty and smelly was an issue.  I searched the market for something that was appropriate to dry Bob & at the same time keep the environment free from the dreaded dog shakes but at the same time allow Bob to have freedom to move around indoors“

“With nothing suitable I decided to design and create my own. This is where the indoor drying coat was created and was inspirationally launched as Safe to Shake” 

“I have since evolved with many other styles and varieties of dog coats, each with unique designs and very thoughtful features. Pet accessories are now also part of the products available. During the designing process there are always two main priorities - Safety for your dog & Practicality.” 

“I am still designing coats & accessories. The latest project designs are the new dachshund waterproof suit and the protective dog walking boots.” 

Canine & Co look forward to extending the Safe to Shake range as and when new products are developed. Keep watching! 

Published in: In the Spotlight  |  10 Jun 2017