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Dogs and Weddings

Including your pet on your Wedding day

The whole family wouldn't be complete without your favourite furry friend. Who can resist giving an ooh or aww when they see an adorable pooch trotting down the aisle looking their very best with a wagging tail? Here are some top tips to help and a selection of Dog Wedding and accessories to make sure your pooch looks the part on your Big Day.


Including pets in your wedding festivities takes some careful thinking and planning to make sure you get it right. So here are 10 top tips to make sure planning your pooch's part in your wedding goes smoothly.


  1. Has your dog got what it takes? - As everyone knows weddings can be stressful and overwhelming at times, this can cause a dog who does not adapt easily to new environments to become uncomfortable and stressed around strangers. However a more sociable, out-going dog can often cope better with the attention they're likely to receive. If your dog can be uncomfortable around strangers and is shy it is probably best to leave them at home where they are safe.
  2. Which part of the ceremony? - it is best to involve your dog or puppy in the ceremony rather than the reception as these can be very overwhelming - especially for those who have a large guest list and repetitive loud music.
  3. Dogs allowed? - First be sure to check that your chosen wedding venue allows dogs - as some have a strict no dog’s policy.
  4. Tell your bridesmaids/groomsmen of you intentions - Some people are allergic to dogs giving them a heads-up/notice will help them prepare if they suffer from allergies.
  5. What role will your dog/puppy play? - Whether they will be a ring-bearer, flower girl or the hound of honor be sure to start preparing early for the task they will be carrying out at the ceremony.
  6. Assign a handler - This person will be with your dog at all times throughout the ceremony - this will relieve any pressure that you might feel if your dog isn't behaving properly.
  7. Rehearsal and repetition - rehearse as much as you can with your pet and leave plenty of time to practice during the actual rehearsal so that your dog (and its handler) know exactly what to do.
  8. Pretty and Perfect - take a trip to the groomers or wash your dog at home before the big day to makes sure your pet is in tip top shape and is smelling good. Plan their wedding dog outfit, buy it early to ensure it is the right fit and is comfortable without any restriction of movement.  If it is the first time your four legged friend has worn clothes, you may want to introduce them to it slowly and build up before the big day.  Their clothing can be anything from formal dog attire such as a Dog Suit, Tuxedo, or Dog Dress to an accessory like a dog collar Bow Tie or diamante collar.
  9. Control - ensure that your dog is well-controlled around your guests, if your dog has a tendency to jump up, make sure to take time before the big day to teach him alternate behaviour such as greeting a person by sitting down and giving them a paw rather than jumping up. If your dogs' excitement level is too high they may find it hard to control their impulses, in which case, keep your dog leashed and controlled at all times.
  10. Memories - DO NOT forget to include your dog in wedding pictures!

BullDog in Tuxedo at a Wedding

Published in: A Dog's Life  |  27 Jun 2016