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S2S Indoor Drying Coat

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Safe to Shake's Indoor Drying Coat is truly unique. 

We all know the scenario - a wet dog is going to shake after being washed or on coming in from an adventure. The water (and dirt) is simply going to go everywhere over your clean house, caravan.

The indoor drying coat uniquely solves the problem. It's waterproof in reverse! Simply slip the dog into the Drying Coat, just like you'd slip into a dressing gown, and relax. Your dog can shake and run about whilst the coat with the inner lining towel works with body heat drying the dog!

Ok - as the coat doesn't cover the head and paws, we have throw in a free matching towel - cool huh!  

A good fit is essential so as not to compromise your dogs well-being. So please measure carefully.  

A - length: measure from the bottom of the dogs neck to the base of their tail.

B - chest: measure from centre of back & around the rib cage to centre of back.

C - neck: measure the circumference of their neck above their shoulders.

D - front leg: measure across the top of the dogs front leg.

E - rear leg: measure across the top of the dogs back leg

SizeA: LengthB: ChestC: NeckD: Front LegE: Rear LegF: Front Leg LengthG: Back Leg Length
42cm /  16.5ins
65cm /  25.6ins
36cm /  14.2ins
16cm /  6.3ins
17cm /  6.7ins
14cm /  5.5ins
13cm /  5.1ins
57cm /  22.4ins
87cm /  34.3ins
47cm /  18.5ins
24cm /  9.4ins
22cm /  8.7ins
15cm /  5.9ins
14cm /  5.5ins
68cm /  26.8ins

93cm /  36.6ins

51cm /  20.1ins
26cm /  10.2ins
23cm /  9.1ins
24cm /  9.4ins
22cm /  8.7ins
80cm /  31.5ins
100cm /  3.9ins
62cm /  24.4ins
29cm /  11.4ins
28cm /  11.0ins
26cm /  10.2ins
26cm /  10.2ins

      •Elasticated rib & chunky zip

      •Absorbent microfiber inner & waterproof outer.

      Outer: 100% Polyester, Inner: 80% Polyester & 20% Poly-amide, Rib: 80% Polyester & 20% Spandex

      •Press stud rear opening.

      •Free microfiber towel