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  • Meatlove - Salmon Oil

Meatlove - Salmon Oil

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Brand: LoveMeat
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Salmon Oil

  • Pure, cold-pressed and not refined. Processed freshly caught; without additives and preservatives

Ingredients, Analytical Constituents and Energetic Feed Value listed in Product Features Tab (Below).

  • Available in 200g, 400g and 800g packs

Please note : Feeding recommendation/day (adult dog of normal weight):

Approximate values, to be tailored to your dog’s individual circumstances - (exercise, activity, race, metabolism, season).

Ingredients per 100ml

  • :
  • Pure salmon oil (free fatty acids <1,0%,
  • Omega-3 fatty acids 18-20%,
  • Omega-6 fatty acids 10-12%,
  • EPA 4-5%,
  • DHA 5-6%,
  • Astaxanthin 300 mg)