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Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog Food

Canine & Co partner with Cotswold to supply our core Raw Dog Food. We chose to stock the brand because: 

  • Dogs are carnivores and the structure of their teeth, jaws and digestive systems are designed to deal with natural prey. 
  • BARF - Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diets contain fresh raw meat and bones, seasonal fruit and vegetables and natural minerals replicating a dog's natural diet.
  • Cotswold recipes provide all of the benefits of the species-appropriate diet in easy to handle sausage or mince form.  

How much Raw Food does my dog need? 

Feeding Guide:  

Dog Size (Kgs)
Daily Feed (Grms)
Weekly Food Parcel (Kgs)
Tiny Dog (2-4 kg)
Small Dog (5-7 kg)
Small Dog 2 (8 - 9 kg)
Medium Dog (10-15 kg)
Medium Dog 2 (16 - 20 kgs)
Large Dog (20-30 kgs)
Large Dog 2 (30 - 40 kgs)
Giant Dog (40-50kgs)

(Note : Average  values based on guideline of 2-3 % of dogs weight. Exact requirement  will vary with each individual dogs needs based on breed, metabolism and exercise)

Weekly Food Parcels from Canine & Co - 7th day, eat free!