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Paleo 5 Hair & Skin

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5 : Hair & Skin

With PALEO NO. 5, Meatlove have developed a menu that is particularly suitable for nutritionally sensitive dogs and dogs with fur and skin problems. The high content of natural biotin, linoleic acid, minerals and trace elements support a healthy skin and coat image.

  • very easily digestible
  •  healing effect on skin problems and skin fungi
  • rich in natural antioxidants,
  • highest omega 3 value,
  • High value of linoleic, supports immune system and a shiny coat
  • Promote coat and skin appearance,
  • Reduce allergic reactions
  • strengthens the body‘s defences,eyesight, coat and skin
  • Lowers allergic reactions,

Feed Guide and Pricing

Dog WeightDaily Feed GuideCostWeekly Feed GuideWeekly CostDiscount
5 kg200 grms£2.51.4 kg£15.0014%
10 kg500 grms£6.253.5 kg£37.5014%
20 kg800 grms£10.005.6 kg£60.0014%
30 kg1,000 grms£12.507 kg£75.0014%

Note : Feed Guide Lines are approximate. They should be varied  depending on activity, breed and age.  

Weekly food parcel offer : 7 days for the price of 6.  

Ingredients: 78.3% kangaroo meat and offal, 6% zucchini, 4% ground pumpkin seeds, 3% coconut fat, quinoa, rutabaga (root vegetables), brewer‘s yeast, sea salt, linseed oil, eggshell powder, psyllium, yucca root extract, mineral earth

Kangaroo meat. Kangaroo meat and zucchini are considered to be particularly low in calories and easily digestible.

Coconut oil stimulates the metabolism of your dog, while

Psyllium is used for intestinal cleansing

Yucca root is soothing and calming.