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Meatlove Paleo Fuel

Meatlove Paleo Fuel

PALEO - The 100% natural , original food from the Stone Age is about getting as much nourishment as possible. 

Permitted foods are exactly what the Cave Man would eat. Foods such as,

- meat, fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs.

- Cereals and excess carbohydrates are taboo.

- High-quality protein and “good fats” are the main nutrients

- Nuts and high-quality oils supplement the supply of unsaturated fatty acids.

-Berries are true vitamin bombs, as iron and magnesium supplements

Different conditions are treated and special dietary needs are met by this range  innovative foods. (Please see individual product descriptions). 

- Feed until the condition clears - available by the Tin or in Weekly Parcels - 7 days for the price of 6 

- Holistic in design, no other feed required

- No transition required from current feed.