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Froozy's Frozen Yogurt - Blueberry

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Brand: Frozzys
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Froozys Frozen Yogurt - Strawberry

Rich in the essential vitamins, minerals and fibre dogs need to:

  • Aid teeth and bone development
  • Maintain a healthy skin and coat
  • Aid digestive health and general well-being
  • Support energy levels and immunity

Lickable – straight from the tub!

Cooling and soothing – a healthy and refreshing treat after walks or training.

Lactose free – gentle on a dogs sensitive digestive system.

Low-calorie – assisting with healthy weight management.

A tasty teething aid – can reduce swollen and inflamed gums, whilst offering something tasty for puppy to chew on.

Highly palatable – can be defrosted and poured over kibble to entice fussy eaters.

Suitable for all dogs and puppies

85 grms / pot. 

Nutitional benefits


Helps energy metabolism and maintenance of skin, nerves and hair.

Vitamin A: 

Necessary for reproduction, normal skeletal and tooth development, vision, immunity and tissue integrity.

Vitamin B1: 

Required for metabolising protein and carbohydrates, also helps maintain a normal nervous system.

Vitamin B2: 

Aids in tissue repair and necessary for healthy function of the nervous system, energy utilisation, healthy skin and coat.

Vitamin B6 & B12: 

Required for the formation of red blood cells.

Pantothenic Acid: 

Necessary for normal intestinal function, growth and coat colour.

Vitamin K1: 

Aids digestion of coumarinbased compounds.

But emotionally it is most certainly is a beer. We, men, drink beer with our buddies, our palls to share moments, special moments, the Best Moments. To laugh, discuss and sometimes cry together. And preferred way of doing that is.. right, around a beer.Now you can do all that with that other best friend of yours': your dog

Snuffle is made with beef or chicken and malt barley extracts, mineral oils, vitamin B

Does it contain alcohol?


Does it contain gasses?


Which versions?

The basic version mixed (extracts of chicken and beef).

The chicken version (extract of chicken).


Unopened keeps for 12 months at room temperature, Opened keeps for 48 hrs in the refrigerator.