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Dog Deli

Dog Deli

We have been busy over the past couple of months, getting ready to open our Dog Deli. We are happy to announce that The Dog Deli is now open for business in the first floor of The Ultimate Dog shop, or on-line.  

We offer a range of premium, nutritious and healthy dog foods which can't readily be found in the Supermarkets or Merchants. The range includes : 

  • Raw Dog Food,
  • Dry (Kibble)  Dog Food
  • Wet Dog Food. 
  • Dog Treats, Snacks and Chews

We cater for dogs with special dietary needs - single protein, gluten and wheat free among others.

We aim to supply you with objective factual information on which to base your choice.   

Note - If we don't stock the brand you prefer, then we offer a price-match service (on-line / phone orders only).  

These dog foods can be purchased : 

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