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CE Beyond Control Leash

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Brand: RC Pets

RC Pet's Beyond Control Leash

The CE multi-purpose Beyond Control Leash is a versatile leash combining four uses in one! This incredibly strong leash allows for both regular and hands-free use and is fully adjustable for almost every scenario. It can also be used as a coupler when you're walking two dogs and it's handy as a tie-up

8 ft / 2.4m3/4 ins / 2 cms
8 ft / 2.4m1 ins / 2.54 cm

Made with ultra-soft, high-strength, climbing grade tubular webbing 

Highly reflective logo label assists with nighttime visibility

Control handle at leash end keeps your dog next to you when needed

Adjustable from 4’ to 8’ in length due to 2 slide points 

Stainless steel O-ring provides added strength

Versatile design can be used as a hands-free leash, tie-up and coupler

Strap keepers prevents the leash from twisting 

Bartack stitching adds strength to the overall leash design

Durable and machine washable