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Brand: iNOVIKA
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WAW Easy Dog Walk is a unique product that can make walking for both yourself and your dog a lot more pleasant. 

If your dog pulls on the leash, the shock that triggers this will be absorbed, preventing neck injuries in your dog. 

The sudden pulling of the belt can also lead to complaints on the wrist, ankle, shoulder or back. The WAW Easy Dog Walk helps to prevent this kind of injuries.

The Easy Dog Walk is very suitable for puppies, precisely because these vulnerable young dogs can still be very impetuous when walking

The WAW Easy Dog Walk Shock Absorber is an innovative new product which significantly reduces the impact of your dog pulling for both you and your dog, making the experience of walking or running more pleasant.

What makes it so different? Over 7 years of design and testing have gone into the WAW Easy Dog Walk Shock Absorber to make it the best possible product to take the 'snap' out of sudden movements initiated by your dog. The shock absorber doesn't have the recoil of a normal bungee either, meaning the jerking motion is really dampened down to protect your dog and also you, when out walking or running with your dog.

Uses: You can use the WAW Easy Dog Walk Shock Absorber with a normal walking lead to attach to a collar or harness, it can be added to a flexi lead to avoid the 'jerk' you get when they reach the end of the line at speed. You can add the shock absorber to a normal line to provide the bungee section you need for the dog sports of canicross and bikejoring, plus the WAW shock absorber has also been used for scootering and dryland mushing because it's extremely tough and versatile. With it being so lightweight, it is easily transferred between set ups to allow it to be used for everything where you would require a bungee.

Available in Grey or Black.

Leash attached to : Collar Harness
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