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Dog Harnesses

Dog Harnesses

We offer a wide selection of Dog Harnesses, offering functionality, adjustability, strength and comfort. We stock high performing, well manufactured harnesses with a range of fits – over the head, step in, vest, belt to name a few, and

We offer a ‘try before you buy’ service with expert fitting at our store – The Ultimate Dog Shop – in Betws-y-Coed, Snowdonia Nation Park. Amongst others, we test freedom of movement and breath and will not sell a harness which would compromise a dogs wellbeing.  

Our Dog Harnesses can be matched with our Dog Collars and Dog Leashes

Puppy Harnesses: We recognise the challenges of fitting a harness to a puppy. We only fit where there is room for growth and offer a 10% trade-in if and when the puppy outgrows the harness.