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Rukka Soft Bathrobe and Cooling Jacket

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Brand: Rukka

SOFT bathrobe This is also called the magic robe. Rukka Soft bathrobe makes life so much easier. After washing, it’s like the bathrobe sucks the wet dog dry. Easy to put on and the soft microfiber absorbs multifold amounts of water. The bathrobe also dries fast and the absorbability improves with every wash. The robe has an adjustable and simple Velcro fastening. The high neck also dries the neck and head area. In summer, the robe doubles as a cooling jacket. Soak it in water and squeeze dry, put it on and the dog will be nice and cool.


Rukka is a long established and reputable Finnish brand is new to the UK. Canine & Co are proud to partner Rukka. 

The products of Rukka Pets are developed for comfort and functionality for walks regardless of the weather and season. Rukka products are durable, practical and represent the already legendary Finnish quality. All products of Rukka Pets are designed to meet even the most demanding comfort and durability requirements.

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SizeBack LengthNeck LineWaist minWaist max
XS13.5" / 35cm 17.5" / 45cm
22" / 56cm
24.5" / 62cm
S17.5" / 44cm
19.5" / 50cm
27.5" / 70cm
32.5" / 82cm
M20.5" / 52cm
21.5" / 55cm
32.5" / 83cm
37.5" / 95cm
L24" / 61cm
24" / 61cm
39.5" / 100cm
44" / 112cm
XL26.5" / 68cm
26" / 66cm
44" / 112cm
49" / 124cm