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Scarab Trio Dog Safety Light

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Scarab TRIO is a versatile canine safety light, fitting directly on 25mm collars or harnesses using its clever and unique “open arm” design. A further feature is the supplied Uni-Strap accessory, an easy to use Velcro strap that puts Scarab on wider collars and harnesses at no discomfort to your dog.

A safety light for your dog is an investment. It should deliver good value and offer longevity.  

Being rechargeable, save's money over the lifetime of the product compared to costly replacement battery versions. the duration of the rechargeable battery, set on the minimum (walking) setting, whilst it can be seen from 600m (TRIO) 300m (UNO), they will run for 5 days continuously before you need to give it a charge, not bad for something so small.

The “bulb” effect lens delivers the same light output at the side of the lens as it is at the top making them visible from any angle

The dial part of the lens section is lit by the power of the LED chip inside.
Flashing heightens your dogs location, on or off the lead this is a valuable feature. 

If you have more than one dog or walk in groups, you can easily identify your dog when off the lead by the LED colour setting or using the UNO, by changing the RED light modes. Scarab stands out that is for sure.

Note: Scarab's investigation into dog owners habits shows that they tend to exercise their dogs for longer when the nights and mornings are lighter, with Scarab this not only enhances your walk but hopefully gets you out there longer in the less appealing environment of the dark and although we all know how nice a brisk walk is, Scarab aim to allow you to make it longer and safer with a Scarab light, better for you and better for your dog