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ManMat Run Harness - Blue

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Brand: ManMat
MM Size:

The ManMat Run Harness is designed for dogs and runners starting on the Canicross adventure. In comparison with the ManMat Long Run harness, the dog is easier to handle in these harnesses in the early stages of training when both runner and dog are learning to work with each other.  


SizeNeck Girth
S41 -44 cms  / 16 -17 ins
M45 -48 cms  / 17 -18 ins
L49 -52 cms  / 19 -20 ins
XL53 -56 cms  / 20 -22 ins

      • Harness for individual disciplines (canicross, scooter, bicycle)
      • Reflective elements. 
      • Suitable for all types of small and medium-sized breeds of dogs.
      • Matching belt, canicross line, and leash 
      • 100% polypropylene. Material for padding has been tested for rubbing, does not damage the dog hair, does not freeze and is minimally absorbent.